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Lexington School District Four and Peachjar

Lexington School District Four works with community organizations to make information about not-for-profit activities or services and enrichment opportunities available to families.

For years, we sent home various fliers the way most schools did — in backpacks and in folders. These flyers reached students and, sometimes, parents. However, that process created a lot of extra work for school staff, teachers, and parent volunteers who spent time each week counting them all out. Obviously, the process wasn’t environmentally friendly either.

By partnering with Peachjar, Lexington Four has implemented a solution that should make sure information gets to our students’ families, does not burden office staff and teachers, and also helps in the district’s efforts to go green. A nice side benefit is that non-profit organizations, school organizations and others will save paper and the costs associated with copying flyers. 

Flyer Philosophy
The district makes approved fliers available as electronic flyers through Peachjar for your convenience. The district does not distribute flyers directly to students.

How does this benefit parents?
Approved flyers, delivered to parents by email, keep parents informed about upcoming school activities, programs and events and community or youth activities, programs and events. 

In households with multiple caregivers, fliers don’t always make it to the right parent or guardian. With this system, family members have immediate access to fliers online and the ability to sign up to receive fliers instantly via email.
Parents will receive a welcome email from the service provider, Peachjar, that includes a username and password. To ensure smooth delivery of this communication, please add to your email contacts. 

If you do not get an email from Peachjar, the district does not have a good email address for you in PowerSchool. You should contact your child’s school and ask them to update your PowerSchool information. You may also register yourself by going to 

Non-profit organizations and others — How do you get a flier approved?
Lexington School District Four allows approved information or brochures from nonprofit (501c3) organizations providing their material meets our standards and has been pre-approved per our board policy referenced below. 

Sponsoring organizations — Now what?
Peachjar manages flyer distribution on behalf of our schools using the latest electronic communication technology and charges a fee for this service that is typically much less than the cost you paid in the past to copy and deliver flyers to schools.

Once your flyer is posted to a school’s Peachjar site, parents can view your flyer through the Peachjar logo on the school website. Additionally, your flyer will be delivered to all parents’ email addresses as an embedded image, not a link. This means parents will immediately see your flyer and be able to click through to your website.

To post a flyer, organizations just register at, select the desired school(s) and upload your flyer. Your flyer is then automatically submitted to the district for approval. Once approved, your flyer is delivered to parents and posted online. 

Contact Peachjar for pricing and discount information.

Peachjar Customer Service can be reached at: 858-997-2117 or at

All requests from groups or individuals to make information about not-for-profit activities or enrichment services available to Lexington Four students through this website will be referred to Peachjar.

Policy KHC Distribution/Posting of Promotional Materials
Issued 11/08
Purpose: To establish the basic structure for the distribution/posting of promotional materials in the schools.

Commercial organizations offer many materials for use by teachers in the classroom. Some of these materials are of high educational value with little or no advertising emphasis. Other materials are primarily advertising and have only limited educational value.
The superintendent must approve supplementary printed materials from commercial, political, religious or other non-school sources before they are used in the schools. The superintendent may approve materials which are of obvious educational quality, which supplement and enrich text and reference book materials for definite school courses, which are timely and up to date, and which promote American democratic ideals and moral value.
Any individual or organization which desires to have informational materials or announcements related to cultural, educational or recreational activities or services distributed at school or on school grounds must first provide a copy of such material to the superintendent for review and approval. The superintendent will review the materials and determine whether they might be of interest to parents/legal guardians and/or students. The district does not permit the distribution at school or on school grounds of political materials or materials related to a for-profit activity or service.
Any materials or announcements approved by the superintendent for distribution at school or on school grounds must contain the following non-endorsement statement.
"The activities or services advertised through this informational material are not sponsored or endorsed by Gaston-Swansea School District Four. The district neither encourages nor discourages participation in the activity or service, but has permitted distribution of this material in accordance with board policy KHC, Distribution/Posting of Promotional Materials."
The district reserves the right to prohibit the distribution of any informational materials or announcements where the superintendent believes distribution may result in disruption of the learning environment or an interference with school activities.