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Erin's Law

Erin's Law (Act 293) was approved by the state legislature in June, 2014, requiring Pre-Kindergarten through high school grade level instruction in the prevention of child sexual abuse and sexual assault. The South Carolina Department of Education created Erin's Law instructional units and professional development opportunities in support of the new legislation that amended the Comprehensive Health Education Act. The professional development trainings were prepared in three modules. The general session module is entitled "Erin's Law: School District Staff Requirements for Mandatory Reporting". This module should be viewed by all school administrators and staff to help them understand their responsibilities and the necessary procedures to follow in handling suspected child sexual abuse. There are two professional development modules to assist teachers in implementing Erin's Law instruction. One module (Erin's Law: Elementary Instructional Units) outlines elementary level instruction and the other module (Erin's Law: Middle and High School Instructional Units) outlines middle and high school instruction. The Elementary and Middle and High school modules include the Scope and Sequence of the instructional units along with providing examples of actual classroom lessons. 

School District Staff Requirements for Mandatory Reporting (All Audiences) 

Erin's Law for Elementary Grades (K-5) 

Erin's Law for Middle and High School (Grades 6-12)

General Health Texts

ECC - Montessori Curriculum and SHAPES
SPS - Harcourt Health and Fitness
SES - Harcourt Health and Fitness
FMIS -  Harcourt Health and Fitness
SMS - Decisions for Health Level (Red & Blue)
SHFA/SHS - Holt Lifetime Health 

Comprehensive Health Education Materials
Approved for Use in Grades 7 - 12 Only (exceptions noted)

"Male Reproductive Organs"
"Female Reproductive Organs"
"Menstruation and Fertilization"
"Embryo and Fetus Growth"
"Multiple Births"
"Endocrine System"
"Basic Human Inheritance"
"Sexually Transmitted Disease"

"Guide to Contraceptives" Display (Models Enclosed in Glass)
"Conception to Birth" Display
"AIDS - What You Should Know" Display
"STD's:  Sexually Transmitted Diseases" Display
"Understanding AIDS" Poster Set

"Myths and Consequences" 

"AIDS:  What You Don't Know Can Kill You" 
"Conception to Birth"
"STDs:  Sexually Transmitted Diseases"
"Sexually Transmitted Diseases:  Courting Disaster"
"AIDS:  What You Should Know"
"How a Baby is Born"
"Sex:  Is Everybody Doing It?